146783014_webHave you ever sat in a company meeting – especially a morning meeting – feeling uninspired and thinking there was so much more you could have accomplished with that block of time? You are not alone. Many organizations struggle with motivating their employees during meetings, but a recent blog post by Paul Marchildon titled “5 Meeting Must-Haves,” is a good starting point when looking for key ways to make meetings more effective and resonate with employees after the meeting room doors have opened.


According to Marchildon, the goals his team developed included:

  1. Set clearly defined objectives and a prepared agenda.
  2. Market the meeting to your attendees and build the right expectations.
  3. Build in a reward/recognition element into the meeting.
  4. Add an educational component to the meeting to generate innovation.
  5. Find a way to build camaraderie among the team.

The full article is an entertaining and easy read with a number of good points that have not been fully discussed here. We highly encourage you to visit his website to read the post in full.