signature_cocktailsIt’s the holiday season and you are looking for a few creative and easy ideas for making a splash with your cocktails?  Look no further; Pizzazz Meeting & Event Planning Group has a few suggestions:

• Build a cocktail theme that ties in with your event
• Colorful Cocktails – color coordinate with the rest of your event.
• Cultural Cocktails – work with your caterer or bartender to tie the drinks in with the menu.
• Seasonal Cocktails – Wintermint Martinis for your Christmas Party, Spiced Apple in Autumn, Melon Mojitos in Summer.
• Give your cocktail a special name tied to your theme or the event itself.
• Unique or unusual use of glassware can help communicate your theme.  Personalized glass charms or coasters can also work as favors for your guests.
• Adding great garnishes or creative stirrers can be communication starters.
• Create a special cocktail menu to offer your guests.

Are you interested in adding a little more Pizzazz to your next meeting or event?  Perhaps we can help.  Pizzazz MEPG offers event planning, consultation, and training.  Contact us now for more information.