I truly love my clients because they always have a way of making me laugh when they request the unimaginable at the last minute, but even more because they provide me with the opportunity to grow, to learn, and to improve my skills as an event planner.

In this one instance, a client was very conscious of the meal functions for the group because, clearly, it is an area that can throw a budget out of whack if not monitored carefully.  We were assured the final day’s breakfast would be half of the total conference attendee count, because their attendees often blew off the Sunday breakfast in an effort to get home early.  As you probably know, final counts must be provided three business days prior to the event.  The hotel uses that number to assign the space, allocate staff, and order food.  Remember, the hotel still showed everyone checking out on Sunday, so you can imagine our surprise when more people than expected began lining up for the breakfast program.

relationshipsTime For Growth

We had to figure out, within about an hour, how to accommodate all of the extra people (about 300) with limited staff and budget.  Thank goodness we had the space to open up airwalls.

Time For A New Skill

We rolled out and set additional tables, with my staff and several board members quickly learning how to fold napkins correctly by the hotel’s standards.

Time To Adapt

The breakfast became a “lazy-susan” continental breakfast, using everything the hotel kitchen had to offer.  We opened the doors a half hour late, but we were ready.

Time to Learn

Had we not had a great relationship with our CSM, who was empowered to make things happen, this could have gone in a very different direction.  We started the conference enjoying each other’s stories about the quirks that go along with any meeting.  We ended it exhausted, having made it work, and still laughing.  This was the true lesson – this industry is about relationships.  Treasure them!

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